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Building wealth has become one of the most important goals that we have set for ourselves. It allows us to plan and build wealth for ourselves and the future generations to come. There has been a wealth disparity in the world for some years now, leading people to work even harder to get their piece of the pie. A few decades ago, people only focused on well paid jobs to build their fortune. Those times no longer exists, and in the spirit of creating wealth for those of us left, one had to become an innovator, finding new ways to create wealth even with a low income. Looking at some of the financial practices of the wealthiest people in the world, it can be deducted that the most common practice is creating and efficiently using passive income to build wealth.
Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. It is an extra source of income that utilizes the different financial strategies in place to steadily increase with time. Having an extra source of income is always a plus, but one must of course have a source of active income to get started. Earning a wage comfortable enough to get started is not all that is required to create a passive income. It is necessary for the individual to learn the different processes in place that favor the creation and retention of that source of income. The goal is to identify the best option for you to earn the money and manage its growth in your daily life.

There are many ways to build passive income but the most popular one would be through investing. There are many investments available for that purpose, some are in real estate, through investment and rental properties or businesses, and others are in the stock market using bonds or dividend stocks. The best way to build passive income would be to establish a diversified portfolio which would make for multiple sources of income. However, establishing a portfolio is not accessible to all. So, for those unable to immediately achieve that, there is the possibility of starting small and building up a second source of income that could later be used to create a portfolio.
Besides earning additional money, there are multiple advantages to learning how to increase wealth through passive income. Some of those advantages include financial literacy and freedom, increased savings, better time management skills, adoption of wealth building habits and practices as well as personal growth and the freedom and flexibility to live on our own terms. Even though the majority of us were taught that the goal was to earn enough to save enough, it is no longer feasible when one is trying to build generational wealth. Learning how to collect tax free money that will then increase with time is a practice that has become a necessity in the innovative fight to find new ways to increase our wealth.
Having the ability to make money work to produce more is undoubtedly a skill that will come in handy in the current and future economy. It is said that “time is money” and also that “little by little, a little becomes a lot”. Amassing money and making it work for more will overtime become a pool of wealth that will keep on reproducing itself.

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