Lee Chandler is based on a franchise model of a boutique investment bank. 

We help our clients hedge the stock market by investing in established businesses and investment real estate. 

We do this by consulting through numerous mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategic planning, financing, allocation, exit strategy, debt, and equity raising.  

As a commercial finance and real estate advisory boutique firm that focuses on placing capital from prominent institutional investors into middle-market distressed and value-add commercial real estate and business investments. 


Our Vision is to provide a suitable pathway for our clients to increase their investment portfolio by owning tax favorable alternative assets such as businesses and/or investment real estate by using our proprietary methods and techniques.

Promoting generational wealth building and sustainability. 

Due to various factors in the financial climate, taxation and poor preparation becomes the largest thief of wealth.

We pride ourselves on focusing on alternative investing coupled with proprietary methods to hedge against such events in today’s marketplace. 


Our mission is to provide solutions for our clients to hedge against the stock market and Inflation by creating an alternative wealth strategy that they control as we assist them throughout their process.

  • To create an alternative investment strategy that grants them full control.
  • To make business and/or real estate investing profitable, secure, and fun.
  • To provide the education and training framework necessary for our clients to reach their financial goals and longevity.
  • To offer our clients greater confidence while investing in a business and/or real estate.
  • To culminate the proper team and expertise necessary to successfully implement winning investment strategies.
  • To assure our clients that owning a business and/or investment  real estate is a worthwhile endeavor for wealth creation.
  • To grow our business with the honesty, integrity, ethics and confidence required in today’s turbulent environment.