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Living in a condominium or apartment complex can give residents a great sense of security, and typically for good reason – many community complexes feature a secure access control that carefully manages authorized entry. Typically, you don’t see this level of access control in single-family properties, unless you’re living in a gated community. That being said, there are still a variety of condo and apartment security tips and considerations that multi-family property experts recommend taking into account.

Here are some top condo and apartment security tips to keep in mind for those thinking of buying a condo or a unit in a multi-family or community complex.

1) Check if your building has access control systems

Whether you live in a condo in Miami, FL, or an apartment complex in Seattle, WA, everyone deserves to feel secure in their own home. Some apartments and condos feature both individual unit entry security and complex-wide secure systems. These systems allow for management to meticulously control who has authorized access to the complex itself. 

Modern security approaches, like touchless access control and cloud-based systems, have been growing in popularity in recent years. Access control security systems are now being integrated into both residential and commercial premises faster than ever to improve condo and apartment security. Property managers now prioritize improved security solutions utilizing smart home tech while also mitigating the risks of disease transmission by minimizing unnecessary contact. Make sure you do your due diligence and ask these pertinent security questions before investing in an apartment or condo.

2) Learn about the security of common areas

Most condominiums and apartment complexes feature a range of shared amenities including gardens, rooftop lounges, pools, or gyms. However, such facilities can attract trespassers, so it is essential that the property managers put security measures to mitigate any security…

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