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7 Top-Rated Appraisal Job Aids (Free for Members)

Commercial Real Estate Leases

In this job aid, you will find a table outlining the five main types of commercial leases and the expenses that landlords and tenants usually bear according to these types of leases.

Things to Consider when Appraising Rural Residential Properties

Appraisals of rural residential properties do not conform to the typical mortgage lending underwriting expectations of urban and suburban residential properties. This job aid summarizes some of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and USDA’s guidance, and also includes several things to consider when appraising rural residential properties.

Renovation and Remodeling Appraisal Considerations

When appraising proposed modifications, remodels, or renovations to a residential property, appraisers must decide the feasibility of the modification, if it adds any contributory value, if it extends the remaining economic life, or possibly improves the property’s marketability. This job aid contains various remodel and renovation appraisal considerations, what to evaluate, and why renovations usually cost more than new construction for the same work.

Completing the URAR: The Income Approach

We examine the various sections of the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) and describe how an appraisal is expected to be communicated on this form. This job aid provides details about the income approach and the 1007/1000 form, focusing on its importance in several residential appraisal assignments and the basics of how it should be reported on the URAR form.

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Roofing Materials Summary

Home roof designs and coverings add individuality and visual interest to a home. This document summarizes some of the more common roofing materials, emphasizing the pros and cons of each.

Ceiling Types Explained

Ceiling types may add dimension and interest to a room by creating an optical illusion of a more spacious, dramatic, and taller room. A residential…

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