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5th PhD Workshop on European/International Insolvency Law – Corporate Finance Lab

Stichting Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection

PhD students from Europe and beyond are invited to present their research ideas in the area of European/International Insolvency Law, and also discuss the challenges and questions they face. The two-day workshop is to be held on Wednesday-Thursday 19-20 April 2023 at Leiden University, which will also mark the first lustrum of the workshop. 

Objectives of the PhD Workshop

The workshop aims at achieving two main goals. First, it provides PhD students in the area of European/International Insolvency Law, from Europe and beyond a chance to connect with peers who are at more or less the same stage of their academic career. They can meet, exchange experiences and create a network. Second, the workshop will allow each participant to present, test and discuss its (developing) ideas in front of fellow colleagues as well as experienced professors.

Participating in the PhD Workshop

This years’ conference will take place in Leiden (The Netherlands). The workshop is sponsored by the Stichting Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection which supports the international and European insolvency law section in the library of the Leiden Law School (Leiden University). BWILC will provide one night of accommodation in Leiden and (if not otherwise reimbursed) a maximum of 50% of the travel expenses up to EUR 250,- for those invited to give a presentation of their research.

PhD students may apply to present (1) their research proposal, (2) interim results, or (3) a (draft) chapter/article. Apply by filling in this electronic form (see annex with more information) 31 January 2023, midnight CET. Participation in the workshop is limited to invited PhD students.

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