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5 Simple Ways to Find Private Money

Most new investors don’t know how to find private money for real estate. They think private money is only reserved for those with a Rolodex full of rich or well-off business people, investors, or relatives. Using this line of thinking, most real estate investors will simply buy a deal, save up for years, and do it again. If you want to get on the fast track to a respectable real estate portfolio—private money is the way to go.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Amy Mahjoory, private money expert, is back on part two of her financing and funding masterclass. Amy has grown her real estate portfolio quickly, thanks to private money. On just her second deal she was able to pay for a significant portion of the property using her private lender. Now, she urges investors, no matter their experience level, to do the same.

This time, Amy walks through five strategies that any investor can use to connect with private money lenders today. These strategies are simple—so simple that almost anyone can use them and find success quickly. They don’t require lots of money, time, or experience, but you need to be aware of them next time you’re in a perfect situation to make your pitch. Try these five strategies today, and you may see your inbox flooded with private money offers!

This is the BiggerPockets Podcast Show 637.

So there are a lot of that investors out there who may be thinking, “Why do I need to learn how to raise capital? I don’t want to flip. I don’t want to wholesale. I don’t want to even implement the Burst strategy. I want to go by turnkey rental properties. I want to go invest in a commercial syndication. I want to go start a fund.” Okay, fine. You still need to know how to raise capital to do all those things, right? So we’ve all heard cash is king. It is endless opportunities when you know how to raise capital. You’re going to start getting approached like I did from people out there who want you to be their capital…

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