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3 Rentals Right Out of College as a Young Dad and …

A successful investor finds their “why” where other people find excuses. Real estate investing isn’t without its challenges, but as you overcome more challenges, you become a better investor. Today’s guest’s strong “why” led him to real estate, and it’s what pushes him to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and build the life he’s dreamed of.

Hunter Lewis’ “why” came two weeks before his senior year of college when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant. Knowing he was to become a father forced him to get serious about his future. He found a college mentor that was successful in the commercial real estate space and began working for his company. Hunter then saved up enough to buy his first property in July 2020. Since then, he’s closed on two other doors and is working on his fourth!

Hunter became a first-time landlord with his second property, and while it was a challenge initially, he learned more about property management and how to compromise. Becoming a father at a young age also taught him how to take advantage of opportunities and reframe obstacles. As a real estate investor, he’s learned how to structure partnerships with family and the benefits of patience. Hunter is now working towards his five-year goal—$10,000 of passive income per month.

This is Real Estate Rookie, episode 219.

I would say, if you haven’t already, go right down your why. For me, it’s my family and my freedom. And when things get tough, when things get stressful and overwhelming, because they definitely will, especially… Probably early on. Being able to lean back, and really know your why and why you’re doing everything and putting yourself through these overwhelming or stressful situations will help you push on.

My name is Ashley Kerr, and I am here with my co-host, Tony Robinson.

And it should be episode 209er teen, that’s the right number.

It should be episode 219er, I think, actually.


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