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15 Rentals in 1 Year by Putting Time First

Vacation rentals, real estate agent commissions, brokerage fees, insurance quotes, and everything in between just start to scratch the surface of who Christian Bachelder is. Some of you may have seen Christian before on our YouTube channel where he talks about interest rates, loan products, and other future financing projections. But today, Christian gets to talk about how he not only built a large rental portfolio but did so while running multiple businesses.

Even as full-time workers, many Americans feel like they don’t have enough time in the day to relax, let alone invest. So how does someone with a jam-packed schedule, a lot of pressure, and a mountain of responsibilities find time to not only buy one rental but fifteen rental properties in a year? To Christian, it took a bit of trial and error, but the answer is simply making your time as efficient as humanly possible.

He’s been able to heavily invest, start and run one of the top mortgage brokerages in the country, work as an agent, and provide insurance to clients as well. He drills down into what business owners and investors alike need to do to reclaim their time, and once it’s theirs, use it to the highest and best use. He also drops some financing pro tips that may help you lower the down payment you need or close with a better-than-average interest rate!

This is the BiggerPockets podcast show 641.

But you never know, right? Your next relationship, your next lead, your next investment partner could come from anywhere. If you’re always thinking of maximizing the time that you’re spending through your life, it compounds just like money does, right? Everybody has their 401k that compounds on interest every year. Time is the same exact way. And if you choose very carefully where you put that first minute, before you know it, you’re getting five or 10 minutes out for every minute you spend.

What’s up, everyone? This is David Greene, your host of the BiggerPockets Real…

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