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10 Ways To Spring Clean To Your Real Estate Busine…

When the weather warms up, it’s a good time to clean out the nooks and crannies and not just the ones in your closet. Every year, you should take a step back, evaluate your processes, take care of your business “housekeeping,” and set new goals. 

You’ve just paid your taxes, so getting organized for next year is top-of-mind. If you want to take this opportunity to give your real estate business a refresh, we’ve prepared a checklist of items to address in your spring cleaning efforts, with tips from two real estate investment advisors. 

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Real Estate Business

Organize and digitize your files

If you want tax season to go smoothly next year, you can’t keep your business documents in a stack on your bedside table. Consider setting up a digital system to keep yourself organized. “I would definitely use a cloud-based bookkeeping software with automatic expense categorization,” says Riley Neilson, Strategic Real Estate Investment Advisor at Real Estate Bees. At the very least, digitize your records and receipts with a mobile app like Genius Scan and separate documents into folders where they’ll be easy to locate. 

Declutter your office and email inbox

Neilson says to consider using powerful spam-blocking software like Edison to clean up your email inbox. And give your physical space a little TLC as well. Too much clutter can increase anxiety, reduce focused attention and productivity, and even negatively impact your health, research shows

Schedule spring maintenance for your properties

“Schedule a maintenance check-up on your properties to address any repairs or issues that may have arisen over the winter. This can help keep your properties in good condition and minimize future repair costs,” says Armstead Jones, Strategic Real Estate Investment Advisor at HouseCashin. For example, you should:

  • Inspects roofs, chimneys, foundations, and exteriors
  • Inspect attics and basements
  • Clean the…

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