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$1.1M in Real Estate at 21 WITHOUT a W2, Tax Retur…

The path to financial freedom is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires patience, discipline, sacrifice, and a long-term mindset. Today’s guest, Logan Kohn, is on his way to financial freedom with over one million dollars of real estate with three properties at only twenty-one years old!

Logan planned to invest in real estate later in life, but COVID forced him to rethink his timeline. Since interest rates were at an all-time low during the pandemic and his income took a hit, Logan decided to expedite his investing journey. For his first investment property, he looked at his county, but it wasn’t affordable, so he looked at the next county over. It wasn’t the best area, but he saw the opportunity for growth, and now his first property has already appreciated over thirty percent!

Logan bought his first property and his other two properties in the span of one year, which required extreme financial discipline and frugality. Logan has been interested in growing his money since he was a child. From the age of ten to the end of his teenage years, he started various side hustles to make money. He’s done magic on the street, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. At seventeen, he discovered stocks and started stacking his money and letting it grow. Now he invests his money while having few expenses to be as frugal as possible so he can multiply his wealth through real estate!

This is the Real Estate Rookie, episode 233.

Yeah, I think it was just, I think I saw the opportunity. I kind of looked at the sales price history of that property and the surrounding properties in that area, and I saw that they were on an upward trend, and of course, we probably couldn’t have foreseen the appreciation that would’ve come in the year following, but I think I just kind of saw the trend and I saw it was on the up and up, and I just thought… Believe it or not, it’s actually only about 30, 40 minutes from The Hamptons. So, it’s a very black…

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